Development Trend and Trend of Hydraulic Transmission Technology in my country


Technological innovation is of great significance for improving the technological competitiveness of countries, localities and enterprises and achieving sustainable development.

Maintenance of DC Motors in Operation


The DC motor in operation must be maintained frequently to detect abnormal conditions in time and eliminate equipment hidden dangers. To ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the motor.

Pay attention to the selection and technical methods of cycloid motors


The cycloid motor is a kind of equipment that is often used in society today. I believe everyone knows that no equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the cycloid motor is no exception.

What are the maintenance points of the cycloid motor?


In fact, the cycloid motor has the function of automatic replacement with high precision and flow distribution; the engine allows serial and parallel use, and the series uses relief hoses other than Shibell;

The main purpose of the hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, marine machinery, petrochemical, port machinery, etc.  

The factors that cause the hydraulic motor to creep at low speed


The amount of leakage is unstable. Its leakage is not the same every moment, it fluctuates periodically with the change of the phase angle of rotor operation. Because the flow into the motor at low speed is relatively small,

Precautions for the use of hydraulic motors


When the inertia of the driven part is large, if it is required to achieve braking or reversing and smoothing in a short time, a safety valve buffer should be set in the oil return circuit to prevent damage caused by sudden hydraulic shock. 

​Two features of hydraulic winches


Easy to use. As far as the use of the hydraulic winch is concerned, when you need to use it to lift the material, you can complete the lifting and lowering of the material through a very simple operation. It can be seen that this equipment can be used in terms of simple operation. specialty.

Liwo Hydraulics gave a lecture and went online successfully


In January 2021, Shandong Liwo Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. held an online lecture program of Liwo Hydraulics to explain hydraulic technology-related issues and provide technical support for the majority of enterprises. Toutiao and Douyin are broadcast.

Liwo Hydraulics gave a lecture and entered the enterprise


Liwo Hydraulics gave a lecture and entered the enterprise to provide hydraulic training services for customers

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