Maintenance of DC Motors in Operation

The DC motor in operation must be maintained frequently to detect abnormal conditions in time and eliminate equipment hidden dangers. To ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the motor.
1. During the operation of the motor, the temperature, vibration, sound and commutation of each part should be checked, and attention should be paid to whether there is overheating and discoloration and the smell of burning insulation.
2. Use a listening stick to check the sound of each component. In addition to electromagnetic sound and ventilation sound, there is no other friction sound between the side stator, rotor and stator. Check the bearing shell or bearing for abnormal noise.
3. Check the connection points and insulators of the main circuit. Pay attention to whether there is overheating and discoloration. Whether there is any abnormal smell such as burnt insulation.
4. In order not to overload the motor, always pay attention to the current and voltage values ​​of the motor. For DC systems with insulation inspection equipment, the insulation to ground should be checked regularly.
5. For the closed cooling system, attention should be paid to water retreat and wind pressure, and also to check whether the cooler has water leakage and knots, and whether the supplementary air network is blocked or not.
6. Check whether the oxide film on the surface of the commutator is normal. Whether there is spark between the brush and the commutator, whether there is carbon powder and grease accumulation on the surface of the commutator, whether there is dust on the brush holder and brush holder, etc.
7. Check whether the commutator has uneven wear, whether the unevenness exceeds the allowable value, whether the mica between the sheets protrudes and causes electric shocks, etc.
8. Gun check whether the electric brush is complete, whether there is breakage or broken strands, whether the connection with the stage is good, and whether there is grounding or short circuit.
9. Check whether the brush or the brush braid is discolored due to overheating, and whether the brush is stuck or wiggled in the brush holder.
10. Check whether the brush pressure between the brushes is uniform, and whether the pressure finger is pressed well.
11. Check whether the edge of the brush is broken and whether the room is damaged to the shortest length.

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