Pay attention to the selection and technical methods of cycloid motors

The cycloid motor is a kind of equipment that is often used in society today. I believe everyone knows that no equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the cycloid motor is no exception. In order to avoid purchasing inferior and unsuitable cycloid motors , I ask everyone to master the way of purchasing this product, and where to start, I believe that everyone is not very clear. Today, our staff has sorted out the following content for you on this issue.
1. Investigate the stability of the cycloid motor system
The cycloid motor system is the heart of the cycloid mixer, the hardware configuration of the cycloid motor determines the stability of the CNC system, and the cutting process of the cutting control software determines the cutting quality and cutting efficiency of the CNC cutting machine (Maiyang cycloid motor CNC system, Maiyang Cycloid motor, Hypertherm CNC system, etc.
2. Investigate the efficiency of the cycloid motor and the quality of the mixer
3. Easy to learn and use
This is a problem that users are extremely concerned about. To make a profit, the operator must be able to understand and operate the cycloid motor skillfully in a short time, reducing the intermediate links of adaptation and learning, thereby reducing the technical cost of the operator, so as to save steel and reduce purpose of consumables.
4. Select the model
According to the material and thickness of the cycloid mixer, as well as the requirements of the speed of the cycloid motor and the quality of the mixer, first select and decide the type of CNC cutting machine to buy, such as the lifting cycloid motor, the portable cycloid mixer, or the number of pendulums. wire motors, etc. Which cycloid motor is better? Maiyang Machinery Co., Ltd.
5. Select configuration
According to the cutting processing requirements and process of the material and product, especially the cutting thickness and perforation ability, the specific configuration of the CNC cutting machine is selected and decided, such as the power of the plasma and the configuration of the drawing torch. Special attention should be paid to: the maximum cutting thickness of plasma power supply is not the thickness of effective perforation and effective cutting, but the perforation technology and process of flame thick plate and the effective perforation ability of plasma are the effective cutting thickness and key cutting process of CNC cutting machine.

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