What are the maintenance points of the cycloid motor?

In fact, the cycloid motor has the function of automatic replacement with high precision and flow distribution; the engine allows serial and parallel use, and the series uses relief hoses other than Shibell; it is designed with tapered roller bearings and has a larger radial The load capacity enables the motor to directly drive the mechanism. This design can make the use of the cycloid motor more perfect, but how should the cycloid motor be maintained? Please see the following for specific methods.
Cycloids often have four kinds of faults: one is "mental illness", which means that the hydraulic system works well and sometimes badly, and the actuator moves sometimes not; When the actuator moves, there is beating, vibration or crawling; the fourth is "high fever", which refers to the working oil of the hydraulic system. The liquid temperature of the BM5 series low-speed and high-torque cycloid hydraulic motor is too high. How to effectively control the above problems? The content is as follows:
The maintenance method of the cycloid motor:
①Controlling oil pollution and keeping the oil clean are important measures to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. At present, due to the serious oil pollution, hydraulic failures frequently occur. According to the statistics of a large factory, 80% of the hydraulic system failures are due to Caused by oil contamination, oil contamination also accelerates the wear of hydraulic components.
②Controlling the temperature rise of the working oil in the hydraulic system is an important part of reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the system. For the hydraulic system of a machine tool, if the temperature of the oil varies widely.
The consequence is:
1. It affects the oil absorption capacity and volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump;
2. The system does not work properly, the pressure and speed are unstable, and the action is unreliable;
3. Increased internal and external leakage of hydraulic components;
4. Accelerates the oxidative deterioration of the oil.

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